Locked & Loaded (FL Studio)


DAW: FL Studio 20
An old school, boom-bap hip-hop beat built around a piano melody.
Genre:  Boom-Bap Hip-Hop
Tempo: 93BPM
Length: 02:30
Non-native instrument plugins used: Superwave P8, Magix Independence Free
Non-native effects plugins used: Vladg Limiter6, Audio-Assault Headcrusher Free
Producer: Kond1

This beat uses stock FL Studio plugins except for Vladg Limiter6, Audio-Assault Headcrusher Free and Magix Independence Free. These plugins are free to download so you don’t have to bear any extra cost. Limiter6 and Headcrusher Free are optional and can be replaced with your personal choice of limiter and saturation plugins respectively.

The Independence Free plugin is used for the piano sound in the beat. You can replace the piano with one of your choice if you don’t have or don’t want to use the Independence plugin.