Dope Free Plugins That Will Help Spark Your Creativity

As a music producer, having a well-stocked sound library is key. After all sounds are the building blocks of our craft so having poor quality ones puts you at a disadvantage.

I often hear people complaining that they can’t make good beats because they don’t have good quality sounds, which is a shame considering the sheer volume of good quality, free plugins there are out there.

In this post I’ve listed a few of my favorite free production resources and their download links.

All of these resources are very usable and I can vouch for each one of them as they are currently in my sound library and I have used each of them at least once in a track.

Feel free to share any other good ones  in the comments section. Enjoy!


  • Tone 2 FireBird 2: Firebird was once a commercial synth that is now freeware. It has great sounds and most notable is its arpeggiator which is second to none.

  • Magix Independence Free: Independence Free is the freeware version of Magix Independence. It’s a powerful sample player which comes with some brilliant free sounds. Noteworthy is the free acoustic guitar and acoustic drumkits.

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player: Kontakt is the most popular software sample player, and for good reason; it’s a monster. The free version called Kontakt Player gives you some of the features of its big brother at zero cost and comes with a great selection of sounds. There are also plenty of free sounds for it on the net.

  • DSK SuiteThe DSK line has over 50 free instruments ranging from drums, pianos, saxophones, guitars, strings, etc.

  • Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra: This is by far one of the best free soundfonts out there. It contains all the major orchestra sounds; violins, cellos, violas, various woodwinds, percussion, etc. It’s not as advanced as other commercial orchestra libraries such as EWQLSO, or Vienna Symphonic Orchestra but it’s a really good, free alternative. With a little tweaking and great mixing you can make it sound close to the real thing. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the sample track in the YouTube video below.

    [youtube value=”2m2OSNqFhl8″ width=570 height=365 ]

  • Futu Craft Kairatune: This tiny synth is a beast to say the least. It produces clear, distinct sounds which can cut though a mix easily. It’s designed to be a lead and that’s exactly what I use it for. There are plenty of presets available too.

  • Synth One: When you first look at this synth it’s easy to underestimate it. But don’t let the unattractive interface fool you. It’s one of the most popular synths out there and can emulate thousands of sounds. There are also a lot of presets available all over the Internet and on forums.

  • u-He Zebralette: This synth is a toned down version of its big brother Zebra. Despite the fact that it has a fraction of the Zebra’s capabilities it’s a powerhouse in its own right.



  • Voxengo Suite: This is by far one of the best free VST effect suites out there. You can find a lot of great reverbs, a stereo-widener, several delays, guitar amp, EQ, and the darling of them all a spectrum analyzer called SPAN.

  • ReaPlugins: A nice bundle made by the Cockos team (REAPER developers). It has a brilliant gate, compressor, EQ, a pitch correcter, and a few other effects.

  • LePou Plugins Suite: This is arguably the best complete suite of freeware guitar amps, cabinets, and distortion effects.

  • iZotope VinylThis plugin is more for creative purposes than anything else. It makes your tracks sound like they’re playing on vinyl. 

  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic SeriesThe classic effects suite pack contains a compressor, delay, chorus, EQ, flanger, limiter, phaser, reverb, and auto-filter.

  • TAL Reverb: TOGU Audio Line plugins are generally awesome. They have several free reverbs which sound very good. I use them in majority of my production. If I could keep only one reverb in my library this would be it.

  • Fish Fillets SuiteA suite of 3 effect plugins; a compressor, a de-esser, and a gate/expander. These plugins are really good and should prove valuable to you when mixing your tracks.

  • MultiInspector FreeThis plugin gives you the ability to analyze multiple signals at the same time so that you can see the frequencies which are clashing in your mix. There are several others out there, but this is one of the better free ones.

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